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Hayotzer Winery

Hayotzer Winery is a quality family winery. This exciting venture is a unique partnership between one of Israel’s finest and most experienced winemakers and Israel’s first family of wine, the Shor family.  They firmly believe wine is a work of art, representing the creativity and ingenuity of the winemaker. The name "Hayotzer" (meaning “The Creator” in Hebrew), illustrates the central importance of the winemaker in creating the award winning Hayotzer wines.

Hayotzer wines are made in a French, ‘old world’ style. They have good fruit, but with balance, elegance, without undue high alcohols and unnecessary influence of wood from oak ageing. These are wines to match with food, which are refreshing and demand another glass.

Wine is our inspiration

ציור של ייקב עם ענבים
logo Hayotaer Winery
ארבעה בקבוקי יין מסדרות היוצר ליריקה, וירטואוזו, בראשית וההאוטר
ציור של אמן היין פיליפ  ליכטנשטיין

The Wine Artist

Philippe Lichtenstein was born and studied in France. He is a modest artist, the author and creator, who is innovative and creative. His objective is to bring the traditions and quality of France to the hills of Jerusalem and the Galilee. He is the pioneer of Mediterranean varieties in Israel, varieties that originate from South of France, Italy and Spain.

The Wine Artist

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